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VGA extender set Rextron

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Product Features

The ideal and inexpensive application for public broadcasting, Rextron EVA214 Extender Set consists of a Transmitter EVA12L and Receiver EVA-02R.

Product Info
- Using quality CAT5E/6 cables, this is the inexpensive extender connection
- Supports audio and VGA, SVGA& Multisync monitors
- (1) Local unit to distribute 1 port through CAT cable and (2) VGA ports
  for local display
- Equalization control selector for optimum signal clarity
- Resolution of 1600x1200 at 60MHz and 1280x1024 at 150 meters with
  high-quality CAT cable
- Supports infrared remote control within a range of 5 meters
- Optional VESA mounting bracket support (or VESA mountable display

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