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1.8m RJ45 to RJ45 CISCO console compatible cable

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Product Features

Hook up your PC or laptop to your Cisco console port? Simply use this serial RJ45 to USB plug-and-play connectivity rollover cable that connects a USB port to a Cisco switch, router, firewall or any other serial based Cisco device with console port. This product works natively with Windows 8 and does not require a driver. Easy! Rollover cable means on connector A pin 1 connects to pin 8 on connector B, pin 2 to pin 7 etc.

Product Info
- CISCO compatible cable
- USB 2.0 full speed compatible
- 1.5 meter cable length
- Full support for Windows MAC and Linux, see list below
- Supports hardware flow control used to implement the CISCO break sequence
- FTDI FT232R chip + RS232 Level Shifter
- RJ-45 DTE pinouts RTS(1) DTR(2) TXD(3) GND(4) GND(5) RXD(6) DSR(7) CTS(8)
- UART interface support for 7 or 8 data bits 1 or 2 stop bits
  and odd/even/mark/space/no parity

Testing & Certification
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 8 x32 x64 | Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 | Windows 7 x32 x64 | Windows Vista x32 x64 | Windows Server 2003 x32 x64 | Windows XP x32 x64 | Windows ME | Windows 98 | Linux | Mac OS X | Mac OS 9 | Mac OS 8 | Windows CE.NET (Version 4.2 and up) | Android

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