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VROVA 8-bay USB desktop charging station 12A/5V output

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Product Features

Don’t leave your desk again for mundane tasks like charging your personal or office equipment. The Vrova USB desktop charger power feeds 8 mobile devices from your workspace. Conveniently charge and power tablets, smart phones, cameras, anything with a USB connection, from all popular platforms.

A smart feature is the built-in chipset, which detects the USB device in use and regulates the current to charge each individual device safely and in the shortest time. Storing multiple devices and their cables neatly, the Vrova USB desktop charger makes for a professional presentation that is easy to use.

Product Info
-   Vrova USB desktop charger charges and stores up to 8 devices simultaneously
-   Perfect, easy to use solution to charge multiple devices in a shared environment
-   Built-in smart chipset detects the USB device in use and regulates
    the current to safely charge each individual device in the quickest time
-   Built-in protection against short circuiting, overcharging and
    overheating of devices
-   Compatible with devices from all popular platforms
-   Professional and modern design in black 210x140x29.5 mm (LxWxH)
-   Input 120-240V 50/60Hz, max 2.4A
-   Output 6 USB ports x 2.4A (shared) and 2 USB ports x 2.4A (independent)
-   Includes power adapter
-   USB micro to USB male A to USB male A

Test & Certification
-   CE and FCC approved
-   Power adapter complies with AUS, US, UK and EU standards
-   1-Year warranty

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