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2m DisplayPort 4K extension cable V1.2

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Product Features

The DisplayPort 4K2K V1.2 extension cable offers advanced capabilities for video and audio signal transfer.

Product Info
- Extension cable offers reliable multistreaming of uncompressed
  audio and video with multidisplay capabilities from a desktop or
  notebook, using a single DisplayPort connector
- DisplayPort V1.2 extension cable requires no new cabling and is
  backward compatible with existing DisplayPort V1.1a devices including
  existing cables and Mini DisplayPort connectors
- (1) 20-pin male DisplayPort to (1) male DisplayPort nickel-plated connector
- Data transfer rate up to 21.60 Gbps
- Supports 2 monitors at 60Hz with one cable or four 1920x1200 monitors
- High performance in 3D stereo displays and (gaming) applications
- High resolutions, colour depths and fastest refresh rates
- Protected content support
- Transports USB data between a PC and display while supporting display
  USB functions such as a webcam and USB hub
- Connection of multiple monitors by cable in a daisy chain or hub configuration
- Combine options include multiple video sources, multiple displays
  (even at different resolutions) and multiple audio speakers

Testing & Certification
- Compliant to DisplayPort V1.2 / 1.1A standard
- Complies with FCC and CE standard
- Lifetime warranty

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