XLR3 Balanced leads M-F
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XLR3 Balanced leads M-F

Product Features

The choice for pro sound professionals, the Amphe-Sound balanced XLR microphone cable offers balanced audio systems an uncompromising, high-end sound performance level and superb protection.

Product Info

- Manufacturer's code CB-XLR-MF-5M / AV-XLR3MF-05
- Amphe-Sound balanced XLR 3-pin microphone cable, male to female
- Length of cable 5 meters, black, various lengths available
- Premium Amphenol diecast connectors for optimum protection
- Heavy-duty screened cable for best possible audio output
- Includes heatshrink label sleeve and velcro cable wrap for easy identification and storage

Testing & Certification

- RoHS compliant

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1.5m XLR 3-Pin balanced microphone lead M-F
3m XLR 3-Pin balanced microphone lead M-F
5m XLR 3-Pin balanced microphone lead M-F
10m XLR 3-pin balanced microphone lead M-F