XLR3 Balanced leads M-F
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XLR3 Balanced leads M-F

Product Features

HIGH FIDELITY DESIGN:Balance transmission, filter noise signals, feel vocal charm
MULTIPLE SHIELDING DESIGN:Selected copper conductor + double shield design for better sound quality
Card slot design - firmly connected. No matter how you swing when recording or singing, the microphone is not easy to loosen.SOLID CONNECTORS:(thickening alloy material Alloy case)-Anti-skid process,Signal anti-interference,Balanced transmission,Durable and Not susceptible to damage or corrosion
SCOPE OF APPLICATION:DJ, Mixer Recording Studio, Concert, Cinema,Live,Karaoke,Recording.It applies to the connection between an electronic device and a playback sound device

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1.5m XLR 3-Pin balanced microphone lead M-F
3m XLR 3-Pin balanced microphone lead M-F
5m XLR 3-Pin balanced microphone lead M-F
10m XLR 3-pin balanced microphone lead M-F