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High-value solutions

QCC Custom Cables is the expert partner for any organisation requiring custom cable or wire harness assemblies. We thrive on solving your connectivity problem and providing you with a customized, high-valued product solution. A solution that strikes the best balance between cost and quality of product. With 30 years of out-of-the-box thinking solutions and manufacturing experience, our team has the knowledge and capabilities to offer you a range of options for custom cabling. 

Let our Custom Cables Build Center team help you design your next high quality data/power application cable assembly according to your specific product requirements. Contact us here for a quick chat to see how we can help you make your project a success.


Cable customization saves time & money

You are losing time. From the moment your project is halted or your application or equipment stops functioning properly or is down. Think of the hours you spend researching, getting recommendations, looking for a quality solution that will keep everyone's happy. Followed by days or weeks of trial and error with standard cabling and inexperienced consultancy - and doing it all over again. 

Talk to the experts of QCC Custom Cables Build Center. With your knowledge and our experience and expertise, you are guaranteed to get that possibly hard-to-find connection solution in no time at all - for any application or specific environment.

Proven quality solutions, from prototype to large volume order

QCC manufactures custom cables for specific applications, based on your design and product requirements, offering our expertise and (network sourced) assistance with material selection and manufacturing techniques. The composition, length and choice of materials can be made from scratch conforming your requirements. It is also possible to take a standard range cable and adapt it to suit your needs. All finished products are of high quality and tested to meet Australian and international standards. 

Talk to the experts at Custom Cables Build Center if you are looking for fully or partially customized simple or complex cabling and wire assemblies in:

  • prototype constructions
  • small productions
  • large volume orders
  • blanket orders with set delivery dates – no storage charge

We are very flexible in terms of assembly, materials, single or multiple-address delivery and packaging requirements. With appropriate resources and Quality Assurance procedures in place, QCC Custom Cables guarantees the quickest turn-around delivery of quality products for any order quantity.

Why put it off any longer? The solution to your cabling problem is waiting for you. Call our Build Center today to discuss your project 07 3224 0900 or email for us to contact you.