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As our customer, you will no doubt have been in contact with Sarah Johns. One of the driving forces in the QCC Sales Team, Sarah is your go-to connectivity expert. And if you need to know where your order is at, it is Sarah who organises the shipments with the many couriers we use to get your order to you without delay.

To give you a glimpse of the busy bee behind the voice you hear on the phone or when you contact us through the webstore live chat, we put some random questions to Sarah. She went through the list swiftly and undeterred. Which is probably a good trait when you're juggling so many responsibilities on a daily basis!


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  • What's the standout moment of your first day at QCC? 
    I have been with QCC for 7 years now, however, the standout moment for me would have to be learning the products through Dispatch.

  • There's a Quote Tile on your desk. What does it say?
    "Behave… what happens today is on Facebook tomorrow" - something that is very prominent in today's society.

  • Latest ‘what the…’ moment at work?
    I have too many today. But the last one would have had to of been how someone parked in the carpark.

  • Commute, the bane of working life. Weirdest thing happening to you on your way to/from work?
    I used to catch the train morning and night. There are definitely some interesting characters on our train network. One of the weirdest would have been a gentleman getting onto the train who was wearing tracksuit pants, however, not in the conventional way. He had pulled the legs so far up that they appeared to be short shorts :-)

  • Water & Fire is the answer. What’s your question?
    Name 2 earth elements?

  • What’s electricity asks your 4-year-old nephew, what’s your starting line?
    It’s what turns the lights on and lets you watch trucks on the TV.

  • 7th Whatsapp message on your phone – no cheating.
    I don’t use whatsapp very often so only have one conversation thread. It was actually me responding to someone who asked me if a certain connectivity actually works.

  • Trade in your partner for a day. Which sports star will it be?
    Hard to say!!! Probably Justin Hodges he’s cheeky and not hard on the eyes either :P

  • Would you be Red, Green or Blue and why?
    I don’t know if this reflects the mood I’m in as I have just come back from a camping trip. However, I love green and blue, because they are both very relaxing colours. Maybe it’s because I love going camping and being away from technology as often as possible and the green and blue are very dominant in the places I go to.

  • Would you be an HDMI or VGA cable and why?
    Another hard one. Can I say both? HDMI for its ability to improve and grow with the advancements, however, VGA is a long enduring standard that is reliable.

  • Morning, afternoon or all day grump?
    I'm very rarely grumpy, however, I'm sure my partner will say that I’m grumpy if I am woken up before I am ready or if I have had a lack of sleep.

  • You’re reborn and asked to choose: organised or intelligent?
    Organised for sure. There's so much to do that there are times I'd like to be super-organised just to get all the things I have to do and think about, done before 5pm. It would be great to be born with this trait!