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Data Centre Facilities Management Services


Ensuring consistent and reliable uptime for your organisation

Your data centre is critical to the operation of your business. Interruptions or downtime have a net effect on the bottom line.
A cost effective strategy to ensure continuity is to outsource some or all of your facilities management to our team of experts.

QCC will work with your organisation to determine the most effective solution for your data centre to run consistently
and reliably, 24/7. We continually seek system improvements to optimise the operational efficiency of your business
and to streamline the flow of data running through your organisation.

How your organisation will benefit

  • Temporary or fulltime management services - tailored to your requirements
  • Management of core facilities infrastructure
  • Audit of current facility operations and proposal for new efficiencies
  • Implementation of new technology to future-proof your data centre

Why outsourcing your facilities management is a smart move

  • Organisation operations and critical facilities will run efficiently and to their full potential
  • Your data centre becomes future-proofed to accommodate IT advancements
  • Business risk is reduced by using specialist resources

Contact us for more information or to discuss expert customized support solutions for your data centre operations.