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QCC Cable Consultancy Services


Add independant cabling expertise to your project team

Bring on board your project team one of QCC’s professional expert consultants to provide you with partial or comprehensive support and coordination of telecom, data and electrical cabling related issues, in every stage of your project and of internal and external partners.

You are assured of an independent opinion from Australia’s leading cabling experts and access to QCC’s (in-house technical) resource base. QCC prides itself on a track record of 30 years of providing quality advice, scoping and development of cabling solutions. As a result, we have provided customers with substantial value added savings, while ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

How QCC Consultancy will benefit your organisation

  • Support in managing on-time completion of projects: less time spent on research, trials and error
  • Identify cost effective solutions
  • Identify innovation potential
  • Maintaining the quality aspect
  • Propose and/or develop a fitting solution to improve the functionality of applications
  • In-depth knowledge of international and Australian safety and testing standards
  • Specific knowledge of cable characteristics
  • Coordinate turnaround development and delivery of any required prototypes
  • Comprehensive support and coordination of cabling related issues in every stage of the project and of internal and external partners

Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how our expertise can benefit your project.